About the Z.B.M. 

Los Angeles is always under the spotlight because of its incredible relevance in the entertainment and arts industry; but we have the responsibility to keep educating the masses about the Art of Ballet, raise ballet momentum and awareness, inspire a ballet culture and let Los Angeles become a glowing nest of terpsichorean artists and ballet aficionados.

Our goal is to raise the next generations of professional dancers - dancers that  will not only be exceptional in their ballet technique, but also will have a broad knowledge of the industry they will operate in, and will possess an artistic identity and vision that will set them apart from the crowd.

Our students will become the pride of L.A.!

Ultimately our long term goal is to make Los Angeles the homeland of American and International ballet!



THE Z BALLET Project  is based on 3 fundamental  points: 
  • to modify outdated methods of ballet training to reflect the need of Generation Z dancers,
  • to select our students based on their peculiar psycho-physical abilities,
  • to eventually create an individual program of training for each student.
(Prospective students will have to pass a comprehensive audition before joining an elite program, and are expected to pass an exam after each academic semester in order to continue their ballet education).

OUR STUDENTS: the bigger Project

We commit to focus on the individuality of each student.


Depending on the student's age, level and abilities, we will develop a unique and personalized curriculum for him/her and update his/her training according to the progress made. 

Our programs are intended for limited individuals, so that we can really focus on bringing out the best of every student. 

Scholarships will be offered on a case to case base, depending on economic situations and/or for merit. 

Our students will enjoy a variety of benefits, including personalized conditioning classes, Physical Therapy, Gyrotonic, Pilates on site, pianists, guest teachers, and mentorship programs.

Confidence  on stage is achieved trough practice: in order to showcase their talents, students will be prepared and perform in competitions and performances throughout the academic year.



Yes, this is a monumental Project! We understand that such big goals can only be achieved in the long run, and with the help of  donors and sponsors. 
We are looking for prospective students and supporters, as well as suitable facilities to make this big dream happen. 


Starting now we are offering classes that are specifically designed for our community. 

Personalized monthly memberships will be soon offered so that external students can join their favorite classes when is more convenient for them.

Students of all ages and levels will be able to enjoy doing ballet with Z Ballet Masters: we now offer Saturday Open Classes  for professionals, beginners, adults & pre-professionals.